TPO07 - Stawell Line (*)

Part 1:

The Railway from Ballarat to Ararat was opened in 1874 and extended to Stawell in 1876. Records suggest TPO7 was assigend to the Ballarat to Ararat section of the route in September 1877 with service extended to Stawell in March 1878.  Service was removed in 1894 and re-assigned to South Gippsland in 1898. The stations served include Werribee, Lara, Geelong, Ballarat, Ararat and Stawell.

Part 2:

The South Gippsland line opened in 1888 but TPO service did not commence until 1898.  Service was trerminated in 1917. Stations served include Leongatha, Dandenong, Kongwak, Cranbourne, South Yarram, and Port Albert.


T07 (Uptrain Stawell)

The first usage of the duplex type cancellation has been cited with an 1877 date and also with an 1880 date. The example shown here is from the later period of usage.

I have only recorded 2 stamps with this strike and no covers.



T07-U2 (Uptrain Stawell)

The 22mm circle cancellation is recorded from April 28, 1874 until December 3, 1894.

It is a common strike on loose stamps and somewhat scarce on cover.


T07-U3 (Uptrain South Gippsland)

The duplex was re-issued after the TPO was re-allocated to the South Gippsland line. Dates recorded are between July 13, 1898 and November 12, 1908.

It is very common on loose stamps but scarce on cover.


T07-U4 (Uptrain South Gippsland)

The 28mm circle is recorded from February 13, 1908 until September 14, 1917.

This is common on loose stamps but I have only recorded 4 covers.


T07 -U5 (Great Southern Railway)

There is some debate about the usage of this cancellation. It is only recorded during the few weeks from January 1, 1906 until February 5, 1906.

I have recorded a handful of examples on loose stamps but no covers to date.



T07-D1 (Downtrain Stawell)

This cancellation is presumed to exist but I have not recorded a single example. The image shown is representative of the design expected.


T07-D2 (Downtrain Stawell)

The 23mm octagon is recorded between the dates March 14, 1883 and June 6, 1892.

To date, I have recorded just 1 example on a loose stamp and 1 cover.



T07-D3 (Downtrain South Gippsland)

The duplex was re-issued when the TPO was re-allocated. The earliest recorded date is December 28,1898 and the latest recorded date is December 20, 1908

It is fairly scarce on loose stamp and I have only recorded 4 covers.


T07-D4 (Downtrain South Gippsland)

The 28mm circle is recorded from June 14, 1910 until September 16, 1915.

If is fairly scarce on stamps, and I have recorded only one cover, so far.


The Early and Late Record Dates shown are those published by Purves, or otherwise confirmed to me by various TPO collectors based on inventory in their respective collections.

Rarity factors shown have been deduced from the aggregate inventory of several major collections in this field, exceeding 10,000 strikes on loose stamps and 1050 covers in total; however, the statements on relative rarity are observations only and no warranty of accuracy shall be implied.

Reference: Victoria: The Travelling Post Offices and Their Markings (1865-1912) by JWRPurves (1979


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