TPO05 - Sydney Line

The rail line was completed to Wodonga in April 1872 and, shortly afterwards, a mail van was assigned to the route.

TPOs 5, 6, 12, and 13 operated on this line, however, the distance that each travelled from Melbourne might have varied from time to time. Records indicate TPO12 only travelled as far as Benalla, while TPOs 5 and 6 travelled as far as Wodonga for most of the time (and TPO6 service to Albury NSW is  probable). TPO6 was the last to be terminated in 1917.

Stations served include Wallan Wallan, Broadford, Tallrook, Seymour, Avenel, Euroa, Violet Town, Benalla, Wangaratta, Chiltern, Wodonga, and Rutherglen.


T05-U1 (Uptrain)

A 22mm circle cancellation is recorded from June 5, 1873 until January 19, 1884

This is scarce on loose stamps and rare on cover.


T05-U2 (Uptrain)

A duplex cancellation is recorded from July 15, 1884 until September 29, 1890.

The TPO/5 portion of the duplex has a sloping 5. A second type has been reported to me with an upright 5 but I have not confirmed this.

This is fairly common on stamps and somewhat scarce on cover.



T05-U3 (Uptrain)

A 22mm circle cancel is recorded from October 24, 1888 until July 1, 1904. A variation has been reported to me with a different font, but I have not confirmed this.

This is very common on loose stamps but quite scarce on cover.


T05-D1 (Downtrain)

The 22mm octagon is recorded from March 13, 1874 until April 24, 1899.

This is quite scarce on stamps and rare on cover.



T05-D2 (Downtrain)

I have the pair cited by Purves, clearly dated  August 11, 1884 and a second partial strike on a loose stamp that does not show the date. Purves recorded a third example dated November 11, 1885.  I am not aware of any others.

I have not yet recorded any covers.


T05-D3 (Downtrain)

Purves reported dates between November 27, 1899 and August 4, 1903. 

This is a rare strike on stamps and I cannot confirm any covers.


The Early and Late Record Dates shown are those published by Purves, or otherwise confirmed to me by various TPO collThe Early and Late Record Dates shown are those published by Purves, or otherwise confirmed to me by various TPO collectors based on inventory in their respective collections.

Rarity factors shown have been deduced from the aggregate inventory of several major collections in this field, exceeding 10,000 strikes on loose stamps and 1050 covers in total; however, the statements on relative rarity are observations only and no warranty of accuracy shall be implied.

Reference: Victoria: The Travelling Post Offices and Their Markings (1865-1912) by JWRPurves (1979


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