Surplus Stamps

In my pursuit of Victoria stamps, I often buy lots and collections that include items that are duplicated in my collection, or do not fit my collecting interests. I will list some of the more interesting items in this space.  They are offered for sale on a first come, first served basis.

Prices are in US$ and postage is extra (usually $2 except for larger items). Payment shall be by Paypal unless there is agreement otherwise.

If you are interested in any item listed, please use the CONTACT ME function and I will confirm on payment and shipping options.

SG-04a First Die State!
Very rare, sound example, no thins or tears.

VA-008 CV£170  Price $225

SG26 C&F Printing
Sound example, as shown

VA-009  CV£65  Price $35

SG-72 Unused
Unused, cut into a bit at bottom with edge thin, other wise presentable.

VA-007  CV£275  Price $12

SG73 Very Fine
Six pence rouletted, lightly cancelled

VA-006  Price $8

SG119 Unused RARE..
Unused example of SG119 with Rod Perry certificate. No hidden faults

VA-010 CV£450  Price $300

SG170 Unused
Unused, fault free, as shown

VA-011 CV£60  Price $27

SG206a CV£4.50
Sound copy, lightly cancelled. No perfs missing at top - the black spot is part of the cancellation ink.

Code VA-002   Price $3

Sound copy.

Code VA-005  Price $1

Sound copy.

Code VA-004 Price $1

sg420c CV£3.50
Nice stamp, lightly cancelled.

Cove VA-001  Price $3

Dated copy.

Code VA-003  Price $1

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