Four Pence Emblem With “Significantly Cracked Electro"

New Discovery – posted Mar 2005

This Victoria 4d imperforate Emblem was discovered in a collection lot from a European source in February, 2001. The lower right section of the electrotype has been completely severed from the main design, showing a significant gap at the bottom, as if it had been “hinged” at the mid-point. Additionally, there are three distinct preprinting paper folds which are clearly visible in the scan. The paper ridges are still evident in the stamp, indicating that it has never been soaked and pressed. The ridges are elevated from the main surface of the stamp and have, consequently, been heavily inked from the canceller being pressed onto the surface. The corresponding “white unprinted areas” where the paper folds prevented inking on the paper are visible, as well. It is most likely that the break in the electrotype may have prevented the paper sheet from lying flat of the printing surface.

It is the only example of this major error recorded to date, suggesting that it was quickly discovered by the printers and the damaged electrotype was replaced.


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