Three-Pence Naish Line-Perforation Discovery

The three-pence Naish design was issued on paper watermakred V2, from December 1884 until 1895. Further printings on paper watermarked V3 and V4 were also issued, with 24 prinintgs in all to September 1900.  The literature states only comb perforations measuring 12.5 were used throughout all printings .

One of the characteristics of the comb machine is the consistent height of the stamps. The distance between stamps vertically was preset in the comb shaped array of pins that punctured the paper. 

This new discovery, being an exceptionally tall stamp, is the first line-perforated example to be recorded of the three-pence Naish.  The exceptional size is sufficient to prove that this stamp was not perforated on a comb machine. 


The line perforated stamp, seen at right, is bistre and is dated July 27, 1886, with an indistinct town name. It has a pressed out horizontal crease.  

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