Stamp Stories

The stamps of Victoria provide us with a window to a distant time and place that is rich with history and mystery – and many of them have a fascinating story to tell. The articles that follow are dedicated to those stamps and their stories. Some of them are about new discoveries, while others are about stamps that reveal some of the history of the colony. All of them are intriguing – even if you are not a dedicated stamp collector of Victoria!

Victoria was the only colony in the British Empire that insisted on designing and printing its’ own stamps (with only several exceptions), and many of the early efforts led to philatelic rarities and fascinating varieties. As it has been nearly a century since Victoria issued its’ last postage stamp, one might assume, therefore, that every variety and every rarity has long ago been discovered and fully documented. The reality, however, is that many new discoveries are still being made, and much new information is still being uncovered.

As you read these stories, you will soon realize that collecting the postage stamps of Victoria is often much more than just filling the spaces on an album page. It is a journey into the history and technology of the 19th century and an exercise in solving puzzles (and posing new ones!)

If you have a Victoria stamp with a story you’d like to share with others, please [contact me].


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