Charity Issues

Victoria's first semi-postal issue in 1897 followed the success of a similar venture by New South Wales earlier that year. The 1897 stamps were sold to raise money for a Hospital Charity fund. One penny on each shilling paid for postage, the other eleven pence per shilling went to the charity fund.

On the heels of the success of the 1897 issue, a second set was released in 1900 to raise funds for the Empire Patriotic Fund . The novelty had worn off, and these did not sell as well as the first set.

1897 Charity Issue - Blue , wmk V3

The One Penny (One Shilling) value was issued in October 1897, in blue on paper watermarked V3 (sideways), and line perforated 12½.

1897 Charity Issue - Red Brown, wmk V3

The Two Pence Halfpenny (Two Shilling Six Pence) was also issued in October 1897, in red brown, line perforated 12½, and watermarked V3 (sideways).

1900 Charity Issue - Olive Green, wmk V4

The One Penny (One Shilling) was issued in May 1900, in olive green, watermarked V4 (sideways) and line perforated 12½.

1900 Charity Issue - Emerald Green, wmk V4

The Two Pence Halfpenny (Two Shillig Six Pence) issue was in May 1900, in emerald green, watermarked V4 (sideways) and line perforated 12½.

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