October 05, 2010 - Laureate Forgeries

Responding to an inquiry this morning, I realized I have never uploaded any images of the known forgeries of the five-shilling Laureate.  These have now been added to the Laureate section for Postage Stamps.

As summer winds down here in the norther hemisphere, the stamp season is gearing up.  I hope to make a number of additions and enhancements to the site over the coming months.



April 11, 2010 - New TPO Early/Late Dates

I have just completed a major rewrite of my TPO exhibit and used the opportunity to reconcile all of the latest information on Record Early Dates and Record Late Dates.  These have all now been updated on the site. Unfortunately, there is no simple method for me to highlight the specific dates that have been updated.


April 01, 2010 - Philatelic Almanac

I hope to build the Philatelic Almanac option, shown in the menu to the left, into a significant philatelic resource center someday - it is my goal, eventually,  to list thousands of entries  - obviously, it's going to take some time !

I recently added some representative data for the year 1855, and I'd like some feedback from you!  Is this format easy to work with?  Is this type of information helpful?  What other types of information would also be helpful?  Any suggestions would be welcome!

If you select Philatelic Almanac below, and then scroll down to the year 1855 and click onto it, you'll see the limited content I've added at this time.  Once you've had a look and given it some thought, please use the contact form to let me know what you think!



March 06, 2010 - A New Feature

Welcome to the newest feature on my website. Having an Announcements option will enable me to keep everyone up-to-date on developments related to the site.

I add new scans and edit  content on a regular basis in my ongoing efforts to keep the site relevant but, until now, I've had no way to communicate those changes to anyone, This new Announcements option will enable me to do that, and I encourage all viewers in the future, to read the recent announcements to see if there have been any additions that may be of interest to them.

I also plan to use this feature to broadcast information that may be of particular interest to fellow Victoria collectors, such as new books being published, events that may be of interest ,and so forth.

Stay tuned! There are a number of  updates coming soon!