Philatelic Almanac

The Philatelic Almanac of Victoria

The philatelic almanac is an ambitious undertaking that will require considerable effort on my part to realize the objectives I have set out.  In short, I propose to develop a chronological database of the dates and events that had some significance in the philatelic history of Victoria.
The almanac is segregated into separate headings for 72 years, from 1840 until 1912. For each year, I propose to generate a list of dates and events, in chronological order, that have some importance for collectors - eventually, I hope to include issue dates, post office openings and closings, railway completion dates, changes in postal rates, and more.  Obviously this will remain a work-in-progress in the foreseeable future, but I do hope to make a good start over the next few weeks and months. 

If you have suggestions, or can contribute data that may be of use, please contact me.


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